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Ready for Download - The new Service Pack 1 of CVB 2011 MultiOS

27. Juni 2012

The new Service Pack 1 of Common Vision Blox 2011 MultiOS is now ready for download. It offers Delphi programmers the possibility to develop their projects using the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

CVB is the first machine vision programming library offering official support for Delphi on both 32- bit and 64-bit platforms. The comprehensive support includes numerous new 64-bit tutorials with source code. Additionally other 64-bit developments on tool and driver level are included. Especially worth mentioning is the full support of the 3D tools from our partner Aqsense under 64-bit.

In addition Service Pack 1 includes a new toolbar for the Common Vision Blox Viewer to access the most used features easier.

CVB Foundation Package
  • Leistungsstarkes Vorteilspaket für Common Vision Blox
  • Schneller und komfortabler Einstieg
  • Enthält die wichtigsten Algorithmen für die Bildverarbeitung