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Zeiss ZF-I lenses - High-performance lenses for industrial applications

Zeiss extends its ZF series for industrial use by launching the ZF-I series. The imaging properties of these lenses are just as excellent as those of the high-end ZF lenses. Furthermore, the ZF-I series is particularly suitable for rough technical applications thanks to its silver metal finish.

In addition, both the aperture setting and the focus can be locked safely (with five locking screws), making the lenses especially suitable for near- range photgrammetry.

All ZF-I lenses feature the F-bayonet mount - the most commonly used standard camera adapter used in the technical field.

Application examples

  • Machine Vision / automation
  • Quality assurance
  • Gauging (e.g. near-range photgrammetry)


  • Small field objective lenses for industrial applications
  • Focus and iris lock provided (with locking screws)
  • Focal lenghts from 25mm to 100mm
  • Nikon F mount

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