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JAI Sweep+

Prism-based colour line scan cameras for high colour precision

The JAI Sweep+ models are prism-based industrial colour line scan cameras. These cameras capture the red, green, blue and NIR (depending on the model) bands in four separate channels simultaneously through the same optical path.

Sweep+ cameras are available with a variety of sensor resolutions (from 512 to 4096 pixels) and sensor types (CCD and CMOS). All cameras in the range feature one-push automatic white balance, flat-field correction and colour shading compensation and binning functions for increased sensor sensitivity. 4 sensor models of the Sweep+ cameras offer NIR-sensitivity.

3 reasons for JAI Sweep+

You need precise colour reproduction

JAI’s Sweep+ cameras use advanced prism technology making it capable of capturing R, G, B and NIR (4 sensor models) simultaneously. For this purpose, the sensors are mounted on a specially designed optical prism, the incident light is divided into red, green, blue and optionally NIR colour channels. JAI’s patented method ensures precise alignment of the four sensors on the same optical axis. This means significantly less colour fringing.

Your benefits:

  • You receive better image data, giving you a higher precision for your analysis
  • You save time and money for subsequent image data correction via software.
You want to inspect cylindrical or wavy objects quickly and reliably

Thanks to the advanced prism technology used in the JAI Sweep+ cameras the optical axis is always exactly aligned thus eliminating parallax issues and avoiding complex alignment procedures associated with off-angle viewing or inspection of cylindrical or wavy objects.

Your benefit:

  • You save time and money in setting up your system for objects with difficult shapes.
You want to run high-speed applications

The advanced sensor technology in combination with an improved light transmittance ensures faster shutter speeds than with other cameras for the same light intensity.

An additional benefit in terms of speed is the CoaXPress interface which some models feature. This interface allows the transfer of larger data rates than the CameraLink interface and the use of longer cable lengths. This allows you to bridge larger distances between the camera and the computer and gain more flexibility for setting up your system.

Your benefits:

  • Inspection times decrease while system productivity increases.
  • The CoaXPress interface allows system layouts that could not have been realised before.


L series

  • 3 CCD sensors
  • Interface: CameraLink
  • Lens mount: F-mount

LT series

  • 3 CMOS sensors
  • Interface: CameraLink
  • Lens mount: M52-mount

LQ series

  • 4 CCD sensors
  • Interface: CameraLink
  • Lens mount: M52-mount

SW-2000T series

  • 3 CMOS sensors
  • Interface: CameraLink or CoaXPress
  • Lens mount: F-mount

SW-2000Q series

  • 4 CMOS sensors
  • Interface: CameraLink or CoaXPress
  • Lens mount: F-mount


  • Line rates up to 8,000 lines/second
  • Interface: CameraLink or CoaXPress
  • Lens mount: M52-mount or F-mount

Markets and Applications

  • Food inspection e.g. fruit and vegetable sorting (colour, ripeness, signs of decay, foreign objects etc.)
  • Web inspection (textile, paper, glass etc.)
  • Surface inspection e.g. wood, tiles (structure, colour etc.), displays, metal surfaces (scratches, damages etc.)
  • 2D and 3D print inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Paint coat applications (e.g. checking colour correctness; even application of paint etc.)

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Model Interface Lens mount Pixel size (µm) Horizontal res. Max. line freq. (kHz) Sensor length (mm)
JAI LQ-201 CL-F CameraLink F-mount 14.0 2048 33 28.67
JAI LQ-201 CL-M52 CameraLink M52 14.0 2048 33 28.67
JAI LQ-401 CL-F CameraLink F-mount 7.0 4096 18 28.67
JAI LQ-401 CL-M52 CameraLink M52 7.0 4096 18 28.67
JAI LT-200 CL-F CameraLink F-mount 14.0 2048 30383 28.67
JAI LT-200 CL-M52 CameraLink M52 14.0 2048 30383 28.67
JAI LT-400 CL-F CameraLink F-mount 7.0 4096 16.18 28.67
JAI LT-400 CL-M52 CameraLink M52 7.0 4096 16.18 28.67
File Topics Size
Data sheets
312.6 KB
Data sheets
333.0 KB
Data sheets
741.7 KB
JAI LQ-050 CL Manual | 1.2
1.7 MB
Data sheets
739.7 KB
JAI LQ-200 CL Manual | 1.5
1.6 MB
Data sheets
602.5 KB
JAI LQ-401
Data sheets
540.0 KB
Data sheets
878.8 KB
Data sheets
808.3 KB
JAI LT-400 CL Datasheet | August 2010
Data sheets
790.8 KB
JAI LT-400 CL Manual | 2.2
1.5 MB
JAI Sweep SW-2000T-CL-80 / SW-2000Q-CL-80
Data sheets
536.3 KB
JAI Sweep SW-2001Q-CL-4CCD | 08/2017
Data sheets
298.3 KB
JAI Sweep SW-2001T-CL-3CCD | 08/2017
Data sheets
413.3 KB
JAI Sweep+ SW-2000T-CXP / SW-2000Q-CXP
Data sheets
917.8 KB
JAI Sweep+ SW-4000TL-PMCL
Data sheets
640.2 KB